GRASS 4.2.1 update packages. WAS: Re: Announce: GRASS 4.2.1 V.13 released

Markus Neteler neteler at
Sat Apr 18 15:52:17 EDT 1998

 Hi Scott,

> Over my slow internet connection, it took 3.5+ hours to download 
> the 33+ Mb v.12  grass_src.tgz file.  I don't relish the idea 
> of spending 5+ hrs. more to obtain the latest update, yet I'd 
> like to get some of new features (the new start scripts in 
> tcltkgrass, proj4.3,, d.vect.cats).

yes, I know this problem.

> I hate to ask this of you, because it will increase your 
> workload (but maybe it's an easy thing to do).  Would it be 
> difficult to provide a "patch" update, so I (or we in the GRASS 
> User community) could get the new features and update the 
> directories and files that changed?  

> Thanks for your your consideration of my request,
> Scott O'Donnell
The thing is that I am doing all the work on GRASS in my
free time without any support beside the great help of
the other programmers. Even it is all done at home,
with my small capacities etc. 
That means I really enjoy GRASS development. But my day only
has got 24 hours :). So my suggestion is following:

    Is there anybody out there in the GRASS-community, who could
    create such update-packages? She/he could keep the current but
    one and the current version and create "recursive diffs" or
    similar from that. I have space on the webserver to store the
    resulting update-package (delivering to me through my ftp-site).
What do you think?

      (trying to get mapgen running - success next week expected)

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