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Fri Apr 24 10:25:54 EDT 1998

Roy Sanderson wrote:
> Dear Grass Users
> I have a paper map of Europe (including western part of Russia) which I
> intend to digitise and use in GRASS.  The problem is that I'm not sure what
> projection to use in GRASS: the original paper map uses a Lambert Conformal
> Conic Projection, and covers a dozen UTM zones.  I fear that trying to
> force it into a GRASS latitude-longitude projection will cause too much
> distortion.  I could use Arc/Info (but I'd rather not!).
> Many thanks for any help
> Roy
Dear Roy,

I had a great wrestle with lambert cc when I worked in France.
You can digitise in Lambert I think As I can save my map in Lambert

The only problem I encounterd and onlu could solve in Arc Info was the
transformatiom from lCC 2 to LCC3 used in France different center line

In my
name: Lambert Conformal Conic
proj: lcc
ellps: clark80
a: 6378249.1449999996
es: 0.0068034812
lat_0: 23.0000000000
lon_0: -96.0000000000
lat_1: 33.0000000000
lat_2: 45.0000000000

proj:       0
zone:       0
north:      3199747
south:      3141607
east:       1028750
west:       947210
cols:       4077
rows:       2907
e-w resol:  20
n-s resol:  20

I hope this helps you any further.
As I am not fully sure of my self I did not send the message to the lsit

Best regards


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