TclTkGRASS 2.5 released

Markus Neteler neteler at
Mon Dec 7 06:09:45 EST 1998

Hi again,

TclTKGRASS 2.5 - the platform independent graphical user 
interface for GRASS is released:
(on the mirrors soon)

We all have to thank Jacques Bouchard for his big job on
the user interface!
The software is tested on SUN/SGI/Linux.

   Important, when *updating*: You have to remove former 
              versions and the startscript link in 

So, what's new:
 - bug fixes, several new modules integrated in menus
 - improved structure
 - new installation procedure (with "make")
   the "tcltkgrass" directory can be put anywhere
 - "tcltkgrass" must now be launched from the GRASS shell
   (as the TCL/TK shell was not very pleasant to use);
   GRASS and TCLTKGRASS can be used at the same time
 - new "Config" menu
       + several monitors can be started / stopped with one action
       + global management of module windows
       + font selection
       + default driver geometry can be set
 - the monitors geometry is saved / restored
   (unfortunately, this is known to be bugged on SGI IRIX)
 - the active monitor is now erased after region operations

Have fun

  Jacques Bouchard & Markus Neteler

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