GRASS online man-pages updated

Markus Neteler neteler at
Mon Dec 7 04:46:07 EST 1998

Dear GRASS Community,

the weekend I spent some time on updating the current
online man-pages:

  d.leg.thin.html  (new)
  d.param.scale.html  (new)
  p.vrml.html  (new)
  r.feat.thin.html  (new)
  r.lags.html  (new)
  r.moran.html  (new)
  r.out.pov.html  (new)
  r.out.ppm.html  (new)
  r.param.scale.html  (new)
  r.ros.html  (new)
  r.spread.html  (new)
  r.spreadpath.html  (new)  (new)  (new)  (new)
  r.wrat.html  (new)
  r.xy.html  (new)
  s.buffer.html  (new)
  s.label.html  (new)
  v.out.idrisi.html  (new)
  v.plant.html  (new)  (new)

Some of these pages still need to be extended/polished. But
I would like to request you for assistance writing 

   *further missing HTML-man pages*

d.area, d.barscale, d.fix.ortho, d.linegraph, d.myzoom, d.pan,, d.sites.label, d.vect.cats, d.vect.zoom, i.shape,
r.distance,,,,,,,,, r.out.hdf, r.out.mpeg, r.out.tga,
r.out.tiff, r.statistics, r.sunmask,, s.delaunay,
s.nearest, v.distance,,,, v.out.atlas

Some of these pages will be easy to write, some will need knowledge about 
the modules structure (get that from source code or eventually readme-files,
which can be extended to a man-page).

As I am not able to write all pages myself, I kindly request *you* to
send some input for a page or the complete page in HTML or ASCII format.

Thank you

   Markus Neteler
   neteler at

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