Grass and glibc6

mark.lake at mark.lake at
Mon Dec 7 06:34:06 EST 1998

Adalberto da Silva wrote:
> Does Grass Linux binaries work with these new Linux libraries? I'm
> trying to run Grass in a Linux box using Debian 2.0 (the glibc6 version)
> and it does not work under X; if I try only on a terminal prompt it
> seems to work (but with no fancy screens, of course...)

I'd need to know more about what exactly doesn't work to help.  What I
can tell you though is that I compiled Grass from source under Debian
2.0 (i.e. with glibc6) with less trouble than under RedHat 5.0 (only and r.weight failed to compile, but I haven't had time to
find out why).  Compiling is so easy if you follow Markus Neteler's
instructions that it really might be the quickest solution, assuming
that you have the basic development tools installed, or can download
them from the Debian site.


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