Problem installing new TclTkGrass

Markus Neteler neteler at
Thu Dec 10 06:17:22 EST 1998

> I'd just downloaded new TclTkGrass 2.5 binaries and tried to install it.
> I deleted my  previous version, gunziped & untarred the new archive,
> logged on Grass as root, changed to tcltkgrass dir and ran 'make'.
> I just got this message:
> > make: *** [install] Segmentation fault

The reason is that the currently provided precompiled tcl/tk 8.0 Linux 
libraries might cause problems on a few Linux distributions 
(SuSe 5.3 is known for that). 

The solution is:

 - either to compile the source code of tcl/tk 8.0 (two commands only,
   instructions and source code are on TclTkGRASS page)
 - get the binaries for *your* Linux distribution (SuSe users may use
   the tcl_new.rpm and tk_new.rpm from their SuSe-Linux-CDROM).

I hope that this problem will disappear in near future.

The precompiled tcl/tk library for Linux were compiled on 
Redhat 5.something.

Sorry for such problems! TclTkGRASS itself can't create such problems
because it is tcl-script based and does not contain any binaries 

Good luck

  Markus Neteler

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