s.delaunay, s.voronoi: problem with SGI binaries

Francisco Estrada Belli fncesbl at crsa.bu.edu
Thu Dec 17 10:48:58 EST 1998

Dear Friends,

I am using the SGI binary distribution of 4.2.1 V. 19. 
When attempting to run s.delaunay and/or s.voronoi the s.sweep program could
not be found. Is this a problem with my installed binaries?
I found the s.sweep binary file in my grass42/etc/ directory. Is there
something I can do to make it work?  Or should I wait for the next revision?

Thank you for your continued assistance

Dr. Francisco Estrada Belli
Research Fellow
Boston University
Department of Archaeology 
675 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
phone: (617) 353-3415
fax: (617) 353-6800
fax: 617-353-6800

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