Grass in Linux

Markus Neteler neteler at
Mon Dec 28 12:07:12 EST 1998

> I am thinking of using Grass in Linux environment for my next research
> and I am hoping that if anyone can help me how to do it. Such as where
> to download, what versions, what type of CPU, speed and etc. For my next
> project I will be dealing with data that is up 50 to 70 megabytes !. So,
> I hope somebody can help me in choosing  the appropriate hardware for
> it.


 Linux is a good choice!

- You can get precompiled binaries of GRASS on Linux from

- Hardware requirements (get as much as you can pay for :-)   ):
  +Fast (200 - xxxMHz) PC with much harddisk space (for your data,
   GRASS needs 50MB and Linux 100MB or more depending on the
   applications you want to use beside GRASS).
   (I have 200MHz with some Gigabyte space)

  +Intel processor or Intel clone (I have a fast clone)

- Software:
  +Linux from Debian, Redhat or Slackware (as you like it)

Generally it is difficult to make something wrong. For hardware
you should check the Linux hardware compatibility list, only some
(new) graphic card cause problems. If Linux is running, GRASS will
work also. Check list is at:

I am currently dealing with 2000 MB data (that's 2GB), GRASS can
manage tons of data...

Best wishes


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