A couple simple questions

Skip Haak shaak at teleport.com
Tue Dec 29 01:26:25 EST 1998

Hi All,

I've been playing with GRASS for a few months, mostly just getting is loaded
and updating with new versions. I have finally committed time to actually
learn how to use the program to do something. With my limited knowledge in
mind, I have two very basic questions.

(1) Awhile back when getting to know GRASS I ran across an on-line manual
that provide a good overview of the program beyond just the man pages for
the various commands. Not knowing much about GRASS or how to proceed through
the different stages of an analysis, I found this on-line manual to be
extremely useful. Unfortunately, now that I have the program set up so that
I can use it as a user and not root (RH5.1), I can no longer find this
on-line manual. Has it been eliminated from the newer versions or am I just
not entering the proper commands. I have tried help and g.manual but neither
seem appropriate.

(2) To learn the program I decided to download similar types of data I would
be using in real life, import the data into GRASS, and then manipulate the
data using different modules. One set of data I am trying to work with is
the National Wetland Inventory data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
I have DLG data for a 7.5 min USGS quad that I want to import into GRASS. My
problem isn't what module to use or how to use the module but where to store
the data. Everytime I run v.in.dlg, I get the error message "No DLG files
found" or something like this. If my directory structure is
/home/skip/grass_data, should I store the DLG file here or in the
subdirectories labeled ENTIRE or PERMANENT? I've copied the files to all the
directories with the same results. I have even tried to specify the path and
filename but got a segmentation fault. What do I do?

Any and all help is very much appreciated. 

Thanks, Skip Haak

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