Tcl-Tk scriptd (description)

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Tue May 5 09:26:02 EDT 1998

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gl_in:		Definition: imports a binary file copied to the /cell directory
						using an existing raster as a model. 
		Use: gl_in file_in rast_mod raster_out" NOTE: 
				raster_out MUST BE a different
				name than file_in.

rast2vect	Definition: executes r.poly followed by
		Use: rast2vect rast_in (vector output name will be 

vect2dxf	Definition: executes v.out.ascii followed by v.out.dxf
		Use: vect2dxf vect_in  (dxf output name will be rast_in.dxf)"

tnt_in:		Definition: imports TNT-MIPS files exported as GRASS
		Use: tnt_in file_in"

edges:		Definition: Edges for classified images (edges defined 
		for any two
			adjacent cell with different values).
		Use: edges rast_in rast_out"

s2txt:		Definition: converts a sites file (x|y|label) into a 
			labels file. 
			The user is required
			to change the DOS CR/LF to UNIX CR/LF characters 
			in the
			labels file. We use UltraEdit.
		Use: stxt sites_file rast_mod"

stat_strat 	Definition: creates n ascii files with statistical info 
			n raster files (i.e., spectral bands of a 
			multi-spectral image)
			stratified by a classified or clumped image.
			(based on r.vol). The output files are named 
			c:/grassland/outputs/ima#.m (for means) and 
			c:/grassland/outputs/ima#.q (for means of squares),
			where "#" stands for the input raster number.
			These stat files are then input to
			Splus and processed by a dedicated function (also available
			if requested) to calculate per category (or 
			per-clump) means,
			num and sd.
		Use: ima_clump ima_in"

size 		Definition: For clumped (r.clump) rasters. Outputs a 
			raster in which each 
			pixel value represents the size of its patch
		Use: imain	"

masc_size	Definition: Outputs a mask for those patches smaller than 
			a given size.
		Use: imain ima.size size"

filt_size	Definition: Applies a mode filter only to those patches 
			defined by a masc.
			Normally the mask comes from masc_size. 
			Useful to eliminate
			small patches without touching the rest 
			of the image.
		Use: imain masc_size size_filt"

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