ANNOUNCE: GRASS 4.2.1 (V.15) released

Markus Neteler neteler at
Wed May 6 17:10:10 EDT 1998

Dear GRASS Community!

Again a new GRASS version is released...
Special thanks to Marco Valagussa <marco at> for a lot of
bugfixes. Also thanks to all the others who have send input!

What is new:

 - added v.digspline (v.digit with spline interpolation)
 - bugfixes for:
    - v.proj
    - v.clean
    - v.digit (fixed compilation problem on some unix-derivates)
    - s.label
 - improved yacc/lex selection
 - some minor changes.

Now we can provide an source code update package also:
V.14 -> V.15  Special thanks to Richard Nairn (ren at!

What is available:
  - source code GRASS 4.2.1 (V.15)
  - update package (diffs file)
  - Linux binaries (V.15)

Where to get it:
Enjoy it

   Markus Neteler

      Geographisches Institut    |       Institute of Geography
- Abteilung Physische Geographie | - Physical Geography 
      und Landschaftsoekologie - |            and Landscape Ecology -
      Universitaet Hannover      |   University of Hannover, Germany
                 Email: neteler at
             Home Page:

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