Shawn Francis aem at yknet.yk.ca
Wed May 13 19:31:54 EDT 1998

GRASS community:

        I am trying to import a .ugn ARC/INFO vector file into GRASS with
v.in.arc.  I have done this many times before but this time I get a return
message of:

ERROR: Premature Text-Label EOF, ID #1 not found.

        Has anybody had this problem before and if so, have they been able
to fix it?  It is a very simple contour file with only contour ID and
elevation values for the associated .dbf file so having too many category
fields is not the problem.  Thanks for your help.

Shawn Francis

Applied Ecosystem Management Ltd.
100-114 Galena Road
Whitehorse, Yukon  Y1A 2W6
tel/fax (867) 393-3793
aem at yknet.yk.ca

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