Problem running GRASS / Deleting Characters

Skip Haak shaak at
Thu May 14 10:42:37 EDT 1998


Solved my problem, I couldn't write to my home directory. Changed
permissions and then everything worked fine. Thanks a bunch for your help.

I have another question. If I make a mistake entering location, mapset,
etc., the program doesn't let me use the backspace or delete keys to edit
the text. I haven't been able to find anything that says whether there is a
solution to this problem or I just have to live with it. Is there some way
to solve this problem?

Thanks, Skip

>This message will probably be more helpful than the first.
>The other issue is that the  .gislock file is created in your home directory
>when you start up grass.  Something is odd, but are the owner and permission
>okay in your $HOME directory that will allow grass  to create the .gislock
> If you are not running GRASS and a .gislock file exist remove it as a new will
>be created when you start GRASS.  Again you have to be able to write to it.
>Good Luck
>If you have any questions you can respond directly to me at:
>agburns at
>Anthony Burns

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