ANNOUNCE: GRASS Linux binaries update: SDTS + i.grey.scale correction

Markus Neteler neteler at
Fri May 29 08:32:29 EDT 1998

Dear GRASS coomunity,

find a small binary update package for Linux GRASS with

 - SDTS-vector support
   (import, export, manage)
 - i.grey.scale (corrected, the module is damaged in 
                 GRASS LinuxV.16 due to a mistake of me - sorry!)

The package size is 430kB including the man-pages.

Where to get it:

name: grass_linuxbin_update_v16a.tar.gz

   gunzip grass_linuxbin_update_v16a.tar.gz
   cd /usr/local/grass42/
   tar xvf grass_linuxbin_update_v16a.tar

Have fun

   Markus Neteler

Geographisches Institut           |            Institute of Geography
   Physische Geographie                          Physical Geography 
 & Landschaftsoekologie                        & Landscape Ecology
Universitaet Hannover                 University of Hannover, Germany
                     neteler at

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