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Fri May 29 09:20:23 EDT 1998

Is the source code/libraries/scripts/etc available to compiled  r.in.drg on
linux or other OS's?  

I believe that the r.in.drg at the NRCS site is compiled for the SUN Solaris OS.
 Please advise.

Anthony Burns

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Perhaps this has come up before, but what's the most
direct route to get USGS digital raster graphics (topo maps)
into GRASS.  The geotiff format contains georeferencing
info in a "world" file accompanying a standard TIFF file.

Bill B.
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Use the command r.in.drg

You can download this from the NRCS ITC ftp site:

ftp ftp.nrcs.usda.gov:centers/itc/applications/mapgen/GRASS_SOFT


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