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Fri Jul 2 18:06:52 EDT 1999

Hi Al,

You didn't specify which map products you were trying to convert at the
1:24k scale... are these drg's, dem's or dlg's?  I'm operating under the
assumption that you want the dem's, since these are the significant resource
at the USGS that have recently become a free download.  The sdts import
provided in GRASS most likely can't deal with compressed raster data: the
raster sdts format was only recently introduced, and companies like ESRI are
still working on incorporating such importers into their expensive GIS.
There are some resources on the web that convert sdts raster data into a
format more easily imported, that may help resolve your problem (still
assuming you want the new sdts raster data, and not vector.)  Check out this
location for ports of the converter to Windows and Unix (SUN) systems, as
well as the C source code (if you need to run it on Linux... I haven't tried
the Sun port on my Linux box):

Also, in case my assumption is totally incorrect, that site also vector sdts
tools.  Good luck, and if you get something running on Linux I'd like to

Steven J. Swanson
Archaeological Research Institute
Arizona State University

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I am interested in importing the USGS 7.5 minute series into grass.
My understanding of the USGS maps is that the new format is SDTS, and
I found the sdts modules in the 4.2.1 binaries for Linux.

The utility segfaults when in input mode, and I have been
unable to locate the sources to investigate. The manual page refers
to a 'GRASS-SDTS User Guide' but gives no references, and I note that
the grass mail-list seems to trickle out without resolving some SDTS

My understanding is that the SDTS is the USGS newest standard and it
seems that there should be lots of interest in it in the grass world.
Am I missing something here? Has the world abandoned SDTS, or has
it abandoned grass? Or is there just a need for someone to address it?

Any help would be appreciated. Is there another non-proprietary unix
program which works better than grass for SDTS?

			Thanks in advance

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