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Mon Jul 5 09:02:02 EDT 1999

Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Fri, 2 Jul 1999, Steven J. Swanson wrote:
> > Check out this location for ports of the converter to Windows and Unix
> > (SUN) systems, as well as the C source code (if you need to run it on
> > Linux... I haven't tried the Sun port on my Linux box):
> >
>   Sol Katz at the BLM Service Center is Denver is responsible for most of
> the spatial data translation code. He's been writing them for several years
> now: MOSS, MapInfo, ArcInfo; dlgs and now sdts. Perhaps we can talk him into
> doing more for GRASS (which I think he used back in the early days).
> Rich


Sol passed away this spring.  I skimmed the GRASS 5.0beta code tree I have,
and couldn't find the SDTS code either.  Does anyone know where it is?

I have written some code for SDTS support that I might be willing to integrate
into GRASS; however, I am not keen on trying to support existing code unless
it is pretty easy to understand.  

Some info on my code can be found at:

My underlying ISO 8211 library (the encoding format for SDTS) can be found at:

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