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A friend just reminded me about and forwarded the website for downloading
software that might be appropriate to your goals. See  FRAGSTATS @:


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> Hello,
> I have tried to send part of this message before but I assume it did not
> reach the list due to list-related problems, apologies if you have
> received this before.
> A colleague of mine is attempting to solve a problem that I'm hoping
> users of GRASS may be able to help with.
> My colleague is looking for software that will characterise the
> complexity of the boundary of an area. That is, if the boundary of an
> area had very `wiggledy' complex edges then it would be distinct from an
> area of which the edges were very smooth. The ultimate aim is to
> describe and compare the shape of different boundaries of enclosed areas
> derived from an interpretation of remotely-sensed imagery.
> I assume that a fractal-based approach would be a viable way to approach
> this problem. I am wondering, therefore, if anyone is aware of any GRASS
> programs, or indeed other software, that might be suitable for this purpose.
> Also, has anyone heard of a GRASS module called r.le? Apprently, it is
> used to quantify landscape metrics. If anyone could suggest where it
> might be obtained I would apreciate the relevant information. Please
> could you send any replies to my email address as well as to the list.
> Thanks in advance,
> Chris Lloyd
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