GRASS 5.0 beta2 Released!

B. Byars Bruce_Byars at
Mon Jul 26 10:22:10 EDT 1999

GRASS community,

We have just released a new beta package of GRASS 
(grass5.0beta2).  This package replaces the older 5.0 beta package you
are all presently using.  It is available as source and selected
binaries at and the hannover ftp sites.  Note:  Other
sites may not be current!

Major enhancements include:

*  Lots of bigfixes!
*  New configure script ... GISGEN and Gmake are optional.  
   Just configure and make install and go!
*  New tcltk GRASS interface!

The source is available now in the directory 
/pub/grass/grass5.0beta2/source on keck and via http and
ftp from



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