GRASS 5.0 beta2 Released!

Andrew M McDermott mcdermam at
Mon Jul 26 15:45:09 EDT 1999

"B. Byars" wrote:
> GRASS community,
> We have just released a new beta package of GRASS
> (grass5.0beta2).  This package replaces the older 5.0 beta package you
> are all presently using.  It is available as source and selected
> binaries at and the hannover ftp sites.  Note:  Other
> sites may not be current!
> Major enhancements include:
> *  Lots of bigfixes!
> *  New configure script ... GISGEN and Gmake are optional.
>    Just configure and make install and go!
> *  New tcltk GRASS interface!
> The source is available now in the directory
> /pub/grass/grass5.0beta2/source on keck and via http and
> ftp from
> Cheers!
> Bruce
Linux Slackware version 4 kernel 2.2.6

configure --prefix=/usr/local/grass5 --with-SYSV --with-USE_TERMIO

time: 35 minutes or so on PII 233 MHz 64Meg RAM

Results: /src/paint/Interface and /src/paint/Drivers 
and /src/raster/r.binfer failed with Error 1 (something about no such
file referring to lib.a)

Otherwise simple and the program seems to be running. I have created a
location and imported a sites file. 

The new configure setup is very simple and seems to work very well.

Thanks (from a frustrated 4.2 and 5.0beta person).

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