GRASS 5.0 beta2 Released!

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Tue Jul 27 09:37:56 EDT 1999

Angus Carr wrote:

(lines deleted)

> Other than that, it all compiles. Unfortunately, the autoconf stuff has
> some hard-wired defaults that cannot be changed easily. I was unable to
> reliably change the location of the compiled binaries. I could not specify
> it on the ./configure line, nor the make line. If I had really wanted to
> make it go, I would have had to change a few things in the autoconf stuf,
> then go and fix gmake. I gave up and put it in /usr/local/grass5b (or
> whatever. A minor bug, but a bug nonetheless.

After running ./configure, you can manually edit the Makefile and
src/CMD/head/<your_architecture> to reflect the paths you want. Make
sure you edit both.

Thanks for the fixes, Agus!
	-Malcolm Williamson

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