Linux as an Application Server for GRASS

B. Byars Bruce_Byars at
Fri Jul 30 16:45:02 EDT 1999


You can set GRASS up on a linux server and use a X-terminal emulation
package such as Xvision or Hummingbird to link the linux and Windows 98
machines.  Ideally, your linux box should be as close as possible to
your Win boxes.  We have a lab set up like this and everything is on
the same hub on the same side of a bridge.  Performance is great.
Any other questions on our specifics, email me.


Bruce Byars
Senior Research Scientist
Center for Applied Geographic and Spatial Research
Baylor University

Duncan Kinder wrote:
> I am considering proposing to a local college that they use GRASS to set up
> a GIS program.
> The idea is to use Linux as an application server with GRASS installed, but
> for the students, through Virtual Network Computing (VNC) actually use the
> GRASS on Windows 95/98 boxes.
> Does anyone have any experience with this; particularly with respect to
> demands upon network performance and upon the Linux box, but also with
> respect to any other topics as well.
> I would appreciate any advice, warnings, or comments.
> Regards,
> Duncan C. Kinder
> dckinder at

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