Compiling Grass 5 beta2 on Debian GNU/Linux system (potato)

egm2 at egm2 at
Sat Jul 31 14:03:26 EDT 1999

Modifying the source of r_dlg_head.c will get you past this error. 
But, there are at least two more errors, the last of which has me

In r_dlg_head.c comment out the lines

186	char * strchr() ;
188	double pow() ;

Then, to get past the next error you'll encounter in file
raster/r.binfer/symtab.c go down to the ExecuteReclass() function at
the bottom, and changed the following lines

257	unsigned int status;   TO     int * status;
263	wait(&status);		TO	wait(status);

However, the third error you'll get that'll stop the compilation, uses
lex and yacc, which I have no clue on.  Sorry. (I'm trying to download
the Grass5.0beta tarball binary, but it keeps failing. )

Eric G. Miller
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