Compiling Grass 5 beta2 on Debian GNU/Linux system (potato)

Angus Carr apcarr at FLASH.LakeheadU.CA
Sat Jul 31 15:42:13 EDT 1999

On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 egm2 at wrote:
> Then, to get past the next error you'll encounter in file
> raster/r.binfer/symtab.c go down to the ExecuteReclass() function at
> the bottom, and changed the following lines
> 257	unsigned int status;   TO     int * status;
> ...
> 263	wait(&status);		TO	wait(status);
For this one, the other (probably more correct) way is to make status into
an unsigned int, since that is what is expected by wait.

Sending an int instead of a pointer to wait sounds like a recipe for an
exception of some sort when you run r.binfer (Which isn't a problem if you
don't do binfer...).

Angus Carr.

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