Compiling Grass 5 beta2 on Debian GNU/Linux system (potato)

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Sat Jul 31 16:27:05 EDT 1999

On 31 Jul, Angus Carr wrote:
  |  On Sat, 31 Jul 1999 egm2 at wrote:
  |  > 
  |  > Then, to get past the next error you'll encounter in file
  |  > raster/r.binfer/symtab.c go down to the ExecuteReclass() function at
  |  > the bottom, and changed the following lines
  |  > 
  |  > 257	unsigned int status;   TO     int * status;
  |  > ...
  |  > 263	wait(&status);		TO	wait(status);
  |  For this one, the other (probably more correct) way is to make status into
  |  an unsigned int, since that is what is expected by wait.
  |  Sending an int instead of a pointer to wait sounds like a recipe for an
  |  exception of some sort when you run r.binfer (Which isn't a problem if you
  |  don't do binfer...).
  |  Angus Carr.

It is sending a pointer. status is defined as a pointer.  Anyway, I
looked it up on my documentation for libc, and the example for wait()
defines the variable as an int pointer, and then gives that pointer
variable to wait.  This is what I did.  Whether it should be unsigned
or not, I don't know.  Maybe this matters on some systems.  But if for
some reason, wait() tried to stuff a negative int into status, then
you'd get an error.


Eric G. Miller
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