GRASS5.0beta2 fix for raster/r.mapcalc/polish

Bill Hughes bhughes at
Sat Jul 31 16:06:03 EDT 1999

Eric G. Miller writes:
> pol.y:43: warning: previous implicit declaration of `mapname'
> pol.y:89: `storage' used prior to declaration

> When I see "implicit declaration" I think, missing header include.  I
> haven't found the fix for this one. There seems to be a problem with the

The implicit declaration is because the header is #included in the C
code instead of the YACC part.  The warning is harmless, but it can be
fixed by placing the following fragment at line 10 and deleting the
first three includes at line 79.

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "local_proto.h"

The error that stops the compile is the 'storage' declaration.  This
can be fixed by moving the line that defines the 'storage' variable
up to just after the #include-s.  Approx. Line 149 to Line 78.

The lines to move are:

static int nstored = 0;
static char **storage = 0;

This will allow the compile to proceed.

Bill Hughes

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