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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Tue Jun 1 14:58:11 EDT 1999

On Sun, May 30, 1999 at 01:00:22PM -0500, Bruce Byars wrote:
> A new on-line forum called GRASSnet has been started that will replace
> the majordomo mailing list.  We have been working with USA-CERL on
> just how to replace the mailing list, and have come to the conclusion
> that a discussion board would be easier to manage as well as easier for
> the user community.  
Why did you come to that conclusion?
Mailinglists still are the best choice for this kind of interaction.
MUA (mail user agents) have been developed for years and no web
interface can replace the power of this tools.

If you wanted an additional web interface, that would be very good, too.
Just replacing the mailinglists with a webbased discussion interface
will be more usefull in some respects and less usefull in other
respects, but overall you will loose usability over a mailinglists
with webarchive.

(Just like the  GNU Mailman Software: )

> The result is called GRASSnet which you can find at
> the address:
Sorry, it doesn't look very nice and my MUA gives me much more Power.

> Check it out and leave us a message.  We are not sure sure when CERL
> is turing off the majordomo GRASS lists, but they have requested that
> we get up and running as soon as possible.  This system will also allow
> us to respond quickly to any bug reports/suggestions/comments that you
> may have.  It is also a great forum for interaction.  Currently there are
> forums for Users, Developers, Installation Tips/Tricks, and Research.
> We are planning to further expand this service over the next several 
> weeks, so any suggestions and comments you have are more than welcome.

Well I don't think it will be possible replace mailinglists.
Other free software developments also doesn't show that trend.
Slashdot e.g. is very successful for general, but almost everything 
in the big projects GNOME  ( and Debian (
happens in mailinglists.  (Except for tracking and archiving bugs, which
is no interaction.)

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