Attention GRASS Users!

R. Joe Brandon rjoe at
Tue Jun 1 15:55:33 EDT 1999

On Tue, 1 Jun 1999, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> Mailinglists still are the best choice for this kind of interaction.
> MUA (mail user agents) have been developed for years and no web
> interface can replace the power of this tools.
> If you wanted an additional web interface, that would be very good, too.
> Just replacing the mailinglists with a webbased discussion interface
> will be more usefull in some respects and less usefull in other
> respects, but overall you will loose usability over a mailinglists
> with webarchive.

Bernhard is correct I believe.  But the two mediums compliment each 
other, but do not replace each other.  As I understand the original 
message CERL wants/nneds to shut down the listserve?  Can the GRASS team at 
Baylor not set up a new one to compliment the web based medium?  I for 
one would like to see both.

One option if no one at Baylor or another server (hint hint hint) has the 
time/resoruces would be to use  which is a free mailing 
listserver which archives up 5-10 megs of messages (I forget which).  
Just set up the list, move your subscirbers over, and viola, everything 
is running.  The only draw backs are A:  putting up with three lines of advertisement at 
the top of each message, and B: the daily digests are grouped by date, 
not subject so sorting can be a problem.  However if the Grass list is to 
die and there is no one to pick up the torch I would be happy to set this 
onelist up if a few other folks wanted to help out.  Really should be low 
maintenance. I currently manage a number of lists there and it takes 
little of my time.

Thoughts, comments?

R. Joe

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