GRASS Organizational Needs - Replacement for the GRASS Conference??

David Mandel dmandel at
Wed Jun 2 03:04:58 EDT 1999

I haven't posted to the GRASS list in a long time.  I've just been quietly
listening.  However, since the list may disappear in the near future, I'd
better use it while it continues to exist.

Back in the old days when people used the MOSS GIS, MOSS users had
an Annual MOSS Conference.  MOSS had lots of problems, but the
conference was great.  It gave lots of MOSS users a chance to
get together and discuss MOSS.  

Likewise, there use to be an Annual GRASS Users Conference.
I never got a chance to attend, so I don't know if it was any good; 
but I bet it was.

Conferences of this sort don't seem to be financially feasible anymore.
However, the type of communication that occurs at conferences is 
still needed.  Given this, has anyone considered having a GRASS meeting 
at one of the major GIS conferences?  I attended one day of the
National ASPRS Conference recently; and noticed SIG meetings for ESRI
Users, MapInfo Users, and so on.  A couple government contractors even
used the conference to have employee meetings.

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