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B Byars Bruce_Byars at
Wed Jun 2 10:55:17 EDT 1999

Greetings GRASS Users!

It is nice to see such a spirited interest in what we do.  We are very
glad to hear feedback from you all.  As I mentioned before, we are
on transfer of the mailing list.  However, this is not an easy, or non-
time consuming, thing to do.  Everyone has good points about keeping the 
mailing lists, and so we are working toward this end.  With 4,000 hits
day to the GRASS website here, the web forum is needed and will also
Take some time and get used to new things.  Since we get hundreds of
emails, the web is easier for us.

We have never heard from anyone before two days ago and had assumed
that there was little interest in keeping the mailing list open. 
I wish we had the time/staff/money to do much more, but we do what we
with the resources we have.  Baylor has invested a considerable amount
money and time into GRASS, but for it to be successful, we have to hear
from the users.  There are no tax dollars involved in this, we are doing
because we think GRASS is too important to go away.  Of course, if
wants to write us a check, that would be great also ;-)  And anyone who
to help out with some of these things are welcome, too.

In closing, we will do our best to keep things the way they are, but
also change/augment things.  (Read: the mailing list will stay)

Keep the communication lines up.


Bruce Byars
Hydrologist and Senior Research Scientist
Center for Applied Geographic and Spatial Research
Baylor University

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