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Gis Lab gis at
Wed Jun 2 04:38:24 EDT 1999

Well, I've just checked the Forum; it looks promising if the web server is
as fast as my HD... I've worked with Grass two years ago, but lately I
didn't have time to work with it cause I have to use these shitty expensive
soft. specified by the technical annex of the project I'm working on. The
only thing that kept me updated with the Grass progress is the mailing
list... It's all there on my PC and I swap the mails in less than a '. In
addition I can telnet to see what's new! The forum can not replace the
mailing list; it will be only reaching dudes whom r working and facing
problems with Grass... the interaction will be much slower and weaker due
to the time needed to serf the forum. With the mailing list, there are
answers that proceed the question... Honestly, I won't have time to go and
look for what's new in the Grass world. The mailing list was like a wife
who prepares the food for a busy husband... There's a lot of money in the
market for science, can't there be some for keeping this mailing list?

Can't deny all your efforts that I thank you for, after all we're getting
this support for free...

Best regards,

Pascal AKL

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