[Ticket #4656] GRASS mailing list

Lori Kingery kingery at cecer.army.mil
Wed Jun 2 12:19:28 EDT 1999

For future reference, while this list is still at USACERL:

I just found out that the list has not been being maintained
for a while.  In the interim before Baylor takes over the list,
please do your utmost to format requests to the listmanager
software such that things happen automatically.  This will
get you the fastest response.  IF ALL ELSE FAILS, send mail
to admin at cecer.army.mil with requests for list changes that
could not be done automatically.  Your cooperation in this
will help make the transition more smooth.  Thanks.

Incidentally, this bounced from the list, but looked useful...
                GeoWeb Job News
Web Site:  http://www.ggrweb.com 

Lori -- kingery at cecer.army.mil -- USACERL unix sysadmin
Adaptation precludes adaptivity; to establish and become
effective...extends the blinds that limit our ability to
adjust to the unforseen. - Karl Weick, management expert

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