Good news of the day: Mailing List keeps alive! - was Re: Attention GRASS Users!

Markus Neteler neteler at
Wed Jun 2 12:16:48 EDT 1999

Dear GRASS Community,

just now I have received following information:

The GRASS mailing list will exist in future
as well. When CERL stops the support, it will
be migrated to a server at Baylor University.

The GRASS Research Group agrees to support
discussions on GRASS through mailing list.
The advantage to follow with "low-band-width"
is very important. Therefore two offers are

  - the GRASS mailing list
  - the new message board (

I guess the migration from CERL to a server at Baylor
should not cause problems.

Thank you all for your mails on this topic!

     Markus Neteler

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