A GRASS question (sorry no mailing list comments)

R. Joe Brandon rjoe at cast.uark.edu
Wed Jun 2 16:18:59 EDT 1999

While it is nice to see everyone all chatty about the mailing list I have 
more down to earth questions about a problem in Grass5.0beta on my Mklinux 
machine.  With Tom's excellent help (and a few key pieces from Malcolm) I 
have been able to get all of Grass compiled except for a few minor moudules (I left the list at my office).  
Most significant was that I had to go to /etc and do a ln -s /bin/mknod mknod
to get mknod to work correctly.  As a result of that everything seems to 
be working fine including tcltkgrass but I have run into two problems.

A:  (and I really need this one to work!) in s.menu after loading up my 
sites and then doing an occurrencre report on them agaist a raster map, 
the calculations run but the program halts when it should be giving me 
the report and tells me 

Can't open report file

/usr/local/grass_data/rjoe/test/rjoe/.tmp/localhost.localdomain/4478.0 no 
such file for directory.

each time I run this it gives me a different number after ...localdomain/

I have the feeling this is a permissions problem and so on a whim did a 
chmod 777 on localhost.localdomain but that did not fix anything...

comments please?

B: v.digit, which I also really need to work did not compile until after I 
fixed the mknod problem.  I reran GISGEN starting with v.digit in the nextstep and everything went 
fine. I then ran MAKELINKS.head.  Now when I enter v.digit it says it can 
not find it?


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