GRASS5.0b on MkLinux, misc (was: A GRASS question)

Bernhard Reiter bernhard at
Wed Jun 2 21:57:16 EDT 1999

[on GRASS 5.0]

On Wed, Jun 02, 1999 at 03:18:59PM -0500, R. Joe Brandon wrote:
> Most significant was that I had to go to /etc and do a ln -s /bin/mknod mknod
> to get mknod to work correctly.  

For me and Bill it is a known problem.
src/CMD/generic/ has the path to mknod hardcoded, which
IMO is a bug.

Unfortunatly the baylor developers didn't pay much attention on
my and Bill's patches.

> Can't open report file
> /usr/local/grass_data/rjoe/test/rjoe/.tmp/localhost.localdomain/4478.0 no 
> such file for directory.
> each time I run this it gives me a different number after ...localdomain/
> I have the feeling this is a permissions problem and so on a whim did a 
> chmod 777 on localhost.localdomain but that did not fix anything...

no idea on that one. 
Are you sure that the exact paths exists?

> B: v.digit, which I also really need to work did not compile until after I 
> fixed the mknod problem.  I reran GISGEN starting with v.digit in the nextstep and everything went 
> fine. I then ran MAKELINKS.head.  Now when I enter v.digit it says it can 
> not find it?

Note that the GRASS5.0b source was subject to unnoticed change.
You should check if you have the last on from the Baylor ftp site.
(Look at the date and the size.)

IIRC v.digit should be superceded by v.digspline, but I did not
seriously try to run one of thoses.

I hope these few clues are useful to you.
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