GRASS5.0b on MkLinux, misc (was: A GRASS question)

R. Joe Brandon rjoe at
Thu Jun 3 00:12:57 EDT 1999

On Wed, 2 Jun 1999, Bernhard Reiter wrote:

> > Can't open report file
> >=20
> > /usr/local/grass_data/rjoe/test/rjoe/.tmp/localhost.localdomain/4478.0 no=
> such file for directory each time I run this it gives me a different 
>number after ...localdomain/   I have the feeling this is a permissions 
>problem and so on a whim did chmod 777 on localhost.localdomain but that 
>did not fix anything. no idea on that one.
> Are you sure that the exact paths exists?

i just checked and the exact path does exist, and I do have read/write 
permisions there.  It seems to be gumming up a few routines but I am at a 
loss for what to do.  I have even gone in as myself and manually and created 
files there to make sure the permissions were fine, and it was so.  Very strange.  Anyone have any 
more ideas?

As for the v.digit comment, did you mean that there were times when 
5.0beta wa sin the directory minus certain modules?


R. Joe

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