vectors: lines to polygons

Agustin Lobo alobo at
Thu Jun 3 05:55:54 EDT 1999

I have imported a vegetation map of Europe.
Nevertheless, it was digitized as LINES, not
as polygons. Therefore, I have now a vector
map in which the lines should be attached
to make polygons. I've checked abd is not just
that each polygon is made out of on single line,
so it's not just a question of replacing "L"
by "A" in the ascii vector format.

The question (and I suspect the answer...):

is there an automatic procedure to combine the
lines into polygons?, i.e., if we have:

B     A
B     C
D     C

(where each letter is a line)

go to 

2 polygons

Thanks (to both mailing list users and mailing list keepers)


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