vectors: lines to polygons

Juan Bañuls juabacar13 at
Mon Jun 7 03:48:41 EDT 1999

>Yes, because with Grass, a single line can be used for 2 areas,one >on each 
>Once you change the 'L' to 'A' in your ascii vector file,
>run to made a binary vector file and then run
>, which will compute the topology, hence creatingyour areas >().
>You will then need to give each area a label with v.digit,
>unless you have a site file giving you a point location
>(with the number you will use for polygon attribute) inside
>each area to be labelled, in which case you can create a
>dig_att file before running

Labelizing all the areas doesn't help. It seems to me that it doesn't works 
because's algorithm is not able to recognize the polygons 
contained in the map.


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