Grass5.0beta - reals ??

David Wheatley D.W.Wheatley at
Tue Jun 8 10:36:28 EDT 1999


Many thanks for the response, I see now how the new mapcalc works. Apologies if
my message sounded like a complaint - it wasn't: the research group is doing a
fine job and I'm certain that the whole user community appreciates your efforts.

You didn't say what the current state of other routines (e.g. and is with respect to real numbers - do the versions of these in
5.0beta produce reals or is that modification pending?

David Wheatley

Markus Neteler wrote:

> If using integer numbers in mapcalc, you have to add a decimal
> point of you want to get a floating point map.
> mapcalc> newmap = oldmap + 123    # here newmap is integer
> mapcalc> newmap = oldmap + 123.   # this creates a floating point map
> As the GRASS Research Group is very small, it takes time to
> work on the floating point migration. Please be patient (or send your
> contributions) until the next release.
> Best regards
>   Markus Neteler

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