Grass5.0beta - reals ??

Markus Neteler neteler at
Mon Jun 7 21:14:35 EDT 1999

> Which bits of the Grass5.0 beta should produce real number output where
> approprate? I just compiled the 5.0 beta code, and tried both and
> r.mapcalc. Neither of these produced real numbers when they I expected them to.

If using integer numbers in mapcalc, you have to add a decimal
point of you want to get a floating point map.

mapcalc> newmap = oldmap + 123    # here newmap is integer

mapcalc> newmap = oldmap + 123.   # this creates a floating point map

> Am I missing something? Can somebody direct me to any documentation for the 5.0
> project?

I have linked some draft programmer's texts at:

> PS what is the relationship (if any) between Baylor's 5.0 beta release and the 
>    old fpgrass code?

Baylor's team is working on further development. The old fpgrass is
the basis for GRASS 5.x. The next release of GRASS 5.x shall be much more
stable than the old fpgrass and the current beta version.

As the GRASS Research Group is very small, it takes time to 
work on the floating point migration. Please be patient (or send your
contributions) until the next release.

Best regards

  Markus Neteler

PS: A lot of things are in progress - stay tuned.

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