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I posted a message some days ago, where I asked if anyone had used Grass
in modelling forestry. I tried to follow as best as I could, but the
debate seemed to go into the discussion of which program-language that was
the best, and how to comment your programing.

Any way, I picked up two interesting program names Splus and R, since my
university does'nt have a Splus license, R was the only alternative,
since someone said it was free of charge. But, where can I get it?

Searching the Web did'nt give me any answers!!!!!!!

Sincerely Kjell-Olav

Kjell-Olav Bjerknes
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Student at the Agricultural University of Norway, Dep. of Forestry
Specializing in GIS, Remote Sensing and Airborne Lidar Mapping.

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