Pete St. Onge pete at
Wed Nov 3 20:15:00 EST 1999

My appologies for non-GRASS/GIS the post, but I felt it was warranted.

Recently, at least two recent posters to GRASS-L have received
unsolicited commercial email (SPAM) for an adult site. These spam are
particularly noticeable because they appear to be originating from
another poster on GRASS-L.

We were able to ascertain that the emails were originating from a dial
up account in Australia, and the perp was using a server within the domain. I have already tried to contact their admin
personnel on this issue, and have received an automated response:

  Your message has been received by the CompuServe Postmaster
  Team. CompuServe is interested in your comments and
  questions. We are making a concerted effort to address each
  issue; however, due to the high volume of mail received at
  this address, we are unable to reply to each message


        The Postmaster Team
        CompuServe, Inc.

I will continue to monitor this situation, and I ask any other members
of this list to contact me if they have received any spam involving the web site, especially after today.



Pete St. Onge
pete at

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