Soils map attributes in SPEARFISH dataset

Bruce_Byars at Bruce_Byars at
Thu Nov 4 14:17:01 EST 1999


Email me about this.


Markus Neteler wrote:

> Hi there,
> does anybody know (I am shure!) how to understand the
> soils map attributes in SPEARFISH sample dataset?
> As we have a totally different system in Germany I
> do not have books about this taxonomy.
> It reads
> soils:
> Bba
> Vba
> ...
> If any table for r.reclass etc. is already available to
> generate some soil characterizing maps from the "plain" soil map
> using the soil's map legend I would be glad.
> I want to create some examples on "how to work with GRASS" in
> soil science.
> Thanks in advance
>  Markus Neteler

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