compiling NVIZ2.2

D D Gray ddgray at
Fri Nov 5 15:33:03 EST 1999

Rado Bonk wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to compile NVIZ2.2 on intel LRH 6.1.
> I have instaled
>  - libtiff, libjpeg, libz to compile src/raster/r.tiff
>  - Tcl/Tk 8.x libraries to use TclTkGRASS Interface
>       and to compile src.contrib/GMSL/NVIZ2.2/
>  - Mesa-3.0 (openGL clone) required for NVIZ2.2
>  - Mesa-3.0 and lesstif required for
>           src.contrib/GMSL/ogl3d
> Where I can find libGL libraries to be able to compile NVIZ.2.2? 

Hi Rado

On most linux systems ( I use Debian ) I think you will find is
just a symlink to the libraries. I would thought that your
distro would automatically create this symlink but if it is not on your
system you could try linking manually with for example

ln -sf
ln -sf


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