GRASS Congress

Rainer Trusch trusr000 at
Sun Nov 7 13:59:35 EST 1999

Hi Bruce,

>How about including Baylor University in all these big
>plans everyone has?  Oh well, again we fund this and
>are last to know.

I'm sorry, if Baylor feels left by side, but it wasn't my intention. You are
not the last. I was talking with Markus about it, because we have bit of
contact and I did a posting in the German list, but there isn't much traffic. 

I think it's time to do such a thing and someone has to do a move. There are no
special plans about size or whatever. I went for the list, if there is any
interest in it. If not, it won't happen and in case someone feels more suited to
it, it's fine. But at least something should go on in that direction.

Perhaps I should have told you before. I'm sorry again. 

What is your opinion about the idea? Has Baylor any plans about such a thing?

Best regards


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