NVIZ2.2 updates for Grass5.0 beta4

Pierre de Mouveaux p_de_mouveaux at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 8 18:17:39 EST 1999


as somobedy requested it a few days ago, here are
the patches for NVIZ2.2 against Grass5.0beta4.
It's a sumary of several patches I sent to Markus.
Theses patches will be included in the beta5.
Here is an excerpt from the file NVIZ2.2-UPDATE included
with the diffs.

Best regards,

Notes for update realtive to Grass 5.0 beta4 - october 31 1999.

This update correctes the following problems:
Screen redrawn in wire mode when mouse passes over
vertical sliders.
Also a potential problem with colors in glwrappers.c
(adress of a local variable returned  in color selection)
Modified intesection function to allow the "look here"
functionality and the "What's here" functionality.
Fixed Makefile: 'libimage' was not built default.
Nota: nviz will use a global 'libimage' in Grass5.0beta5.
Fixad a bug that made the output window
flash in read on every screen update.

Note on installing:
>From the Grass sources top directory, do
patch -p1 <  grass5.0beta4-NVIZ2.2.diff

Note on compiling:

Normally, once Grass is compiled, go in the src.contrib/GMSL/NVIZ2.2
directory and type:


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