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"Linda Moet" <lindam at gwnsys.ca> writes:

> To help get you going, here are some random thoughts on what has to happen
> to make GRASS accessible over the Internet:
> 2)  In order for a web user to access a mapset, they must own it.  (There
> was a discussion on the list a short while ago about sharing mapsets and why
> it isn't possible - only the owner of a mapset can access it.)

More precisely, in order for a user to execute any Grass command, they must 
possess their own mapset. This is actually an unnecessary restriction in those 
cases where users simply want read-only access to some common dataset. Most d.* 
and g.* commands, for example, do not write anything to the mapset, and this 
tends to be the province of r.* commands. There would be some merit in 
re-programming Grass so that individual mapsets are only constructed upon 
demand. This would require some minor tinkering around with the gis libraries, 
and would involve making Grass store the user's WIND in an alternative location 
(like .grassrc). Another possible extension for the enthusiast would be to make 
Grass write to the client rather than to the server.
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