Angus Carr acarr at iname.com
Sat Nov 13 12:53:40 EST 1999

I am finishing (I think) some code to do a 2-dimensional kernel analysis from a
set of points.

I need some more bodies (Well, actually computers) to do the testing stage. I
know it works on my equipment, sitting at my desk. Woohoo! We have alpha

I need a few people to test this code for me on platforms other than a AMD k6-2
running Slackware 4.0, using grass 5b4.

Please email me directly at acarr at iname.com fo rmore information, or for a copy
of the code. 

For those who aren't quite with me on what the code does, a kernel analysis is
a density estimation technique suitable for non-normal distributions of points.
It has a bunch of different uses, and is a generally useful thing.

Angus Carr.

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