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""Ecoinformatics gets NSF support
A $2.9 million National Science Foundation grant is to help create a
new knowledge network for exploring complex biological and ecological
datasets. The "ecoinformatics" study will be a collaboration between
the USA's National Centre for Environmental Analysis and Synthesis
(NCEAS) and the San Diego Supercomputing Centre.

Jim Reichman, the director of NCEAS, says that the project "will seek
to make complex, heterogeneous ecological data available to a broad
audience of users". Currently biocomplexity information is scattered in
various locations and formats, making analysis of the data all but

Reichman believes that the network will create a new community of
environmental scientists who are able to focus on complex problems that
have so far proved intractable.

The project will include development of Ecological Metadata Language
(EML), an ecological variant of the mark-up language XML."


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