GRASS 5.0b4 compile error

Michel Wurtz - ENGEES/CEREG mw at
Wed Nov 17 05:11:25 EST 1999

"Dr. Ralf Kunkel" wrote:
> I am trying to compile GRASS 5.0 beta4 on SuSe Linux 6.2 and got the following error:
> make[1]: lex: Command not found
> make[1]: *** [lex.c] Error 127
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/grass5.0beta/src/raster/r.binfer'

1- if you have a command named flex,it is probably the one you need
   (gnu version may have a different name than the brand unix version).
   You have just to make a link (as root) : ln -s /usr/bin/flex /usr/bin/lex
2- verify that you have installed the yacc/lex package from the suse
   distribution. If not do it and verify if you have a command name lex.
   If no continue by step 1

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